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April Back Office Update
Created by ppfhost on 13/04/2012 16:31:35

National Back Office Forum, April 24th Blackpool: The discussions begin…

The morning session at the National Back Office Forum on 24th April, as part of Customer Contact Planning 2012 will be focusing on the fantastic case study presentations of Farrow and Ball and eircom.

These are Enterprise and Field Planning stories, which resonate across more of our members operations then you may think which is why this day has a huge number of registered delegates.

We would like 30 seconds of your time before hand to help us from the introduction to the day from Colin Whelan, Head of Professionalism at the Planning Forum, and lead on the Back Office Community. He has posed a question on the Business Social Media website LinkedIn which he would like to start the discussions at the Forum with. 

The simple question is: “What does Enterprise mean to you?” Please click here to see the online poll and add your weight to the debate, and please feel free to send Colin your personal thoughts at

Change of Endnote Speaker.

We will be rounding off the day with insightful debate led by Colin Whelan, Head of Professionalism at the Planning Forum, and Richard Mansell, Delivery Director of AOM. 

Colin charts the key challenges witnessed historically in “end-to-end” or enterprise planning and outlines some of the innovative ways in which industry pioneers have overcome them.  The session will also provide a platform for Richard to discuss the future of enterprise planning, including its increasing impact on the back office and field services.

  • Hear how enterprise planning has changed over the past decade
  • Glean best practice based on some of the sector’s biggest success stories
  • Learn how to enterprise planning can be applied in areas outside of the contact centre

Richard Mansell

Richard is the Delivery Director at AOM International. With extensive experience in international operations leadership and change management from his previous positions as European Head of Operations at Standard Chartered Bank and Regional Head of Investment Operations at Barclays Global Investors, Richard is now responsible for the development, delivery and quality assurance of Active Operations Management (AOM), the professionally recognised framework used by managers in service operations to optimise the balance between cost, quality and service. Throughout his career Richard has worked to ensure that service operations management is maintained as a recognised discipline that helps organisations to meet their strategic objectives. An MBA graduate from Cardiff Business School, he now sits on the School’s advisory board; this is a personal commitment that reflects his passion for developing links between academia, practical solutions and future leaders.

Closing Session Timetable:
15:45 Introduction by Colin “End to end planning: Movement within the last 10 years”
16:00 Brief presentation by Richard “End to end Operations Management: Movement within the last 10 years”
16:15 Table discussion & feedback led by Colin 
16:40 Endnote by Richard “What does the future hold for enterprise planning and operations management?”
17:00 Close by Colinprint